Research & development

R&D (Research and Development) is a fundamental function for the Company’s management, with significant impact on future results.

Tsukuba-lab.2We must be engaged in R&D based on the following principles.

  • Take the initiative on new projects with a distinguishing strategic approach.
  • Conceive R&D with vision and a creative culture.
  • Develop innovative technologies able to enhance the growth potential.
  • The focus on Electronics and Information, Environment and Energy, and on Medicine and Lifestyle as important sectors, will drive Tokuyama’s R&D efforts to expand each business based on chemistry.



tsukuba(2)R&D OBJECTIVES

What is the goal of researches and engineers of the world companies?
Creating processes and inventing products which will be used to help people in the whole world. The most important thing for a manufacturing company is keeping this activity constantly alive.

Tokuyama has brought to the market many innovative and original products over its long history, emphasizing R&D and technological developments. Now, these product categories have grown into four business divisions, and each division is moving autonomously in R&D to expand its businesses.

Tokuyama’s R&D is also a place for technicians to make their dreams come true. It is almost impossible for a single technician to convert an invention into a product, no matter how excellent this invention or discovery is, but in a corporate context, a company can invest in such invention or discovery to create innovative and useful products for the global markets.

It makes us very happy to see that our materials and products, thanks to the results achieved, are used and appreciated by the market. Realizing our dreams, in turn, leads to growth for the company and, ultimately, leads us to be at the service of the world. This is paramount for R&D and technological development in general.

Tokuyama aims at contributing to the world not only through chemistry, but also to science in a general sense, with creativeness and innovation.