Dr. Lorenzo Graiff


Graduation in Dentistry and Prosthodontics in 1990, Padua University.

Clinical and experimental research activity, 1991-2006 at CLOPD, Padua University, teaching of Conservative dentistry under the supervision of Professor Pier Nicola Mason.

Since 1998 contract professor of Conservative dentistry, CLOPD, Padua University.

Teacher of advanced specialised courses in Conservative dentistry, Bologna University 2007, Padua 2009, Naples 2009-2010, Siena 2010-2011-2013-2014.

Speaker at numerous national and international conferences and courses.

Author of numerous conservative dentistry and endodontics scientific publications.

At present, in 3rd year of the PhD course in Mechatronic engineering and Mechanical product innovation.

Founding member of AIMAD (Accademia Italiana dei Materiali Dentari).

Free-lance activity in the field of esthetic restorative dentistry and endodontics in Padua, Vicenza and Mestre.