Estelite Asteria

Simplifying is the right word to describe this new, highly aesthetic composite, based on the chromatic and translucency matching of body and enamel masses. Both are able to replicate nature: body shades modulate the degree of translucency through their thickness while enamel shades provide effects similar to the enamel of natural teeth.

Few essential shades (7 body and 5 enamel shades) are able to cover almost all clinical needs of professionals. In addition, the material can also be applied using a simplified technique, thus making the work of professionals easier. With only two masses the best aesthetic results can be obtained in both the anterior and posterior region. This product provides comfort and work ergonomics in the dental office: a close match in the evolution of conservative dentistry.

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  • Anterior and posterior restorations
  • Composite veneer
  • Diastema closure
  • Composite/porcelain repair
  • Outstanding Aesthetics
  • Invisible Margins
  • Superior & Long Lasting Gloss Retention
  • Simplified Layering
  • Excellent workability and moldability
  • Non-Stick & Easy to Sculpt
  • Ample Working Time (90sec. under ambient light – 10,000 lux)

To view or download the instruction for use (IFU), please follow the link below:

Instruction for use Estelite Asteria (ENG/DE/FR/NL/PL/FI)

Instruction for use Estelite Asteria (ENG/FR/IT/ES/PT)


Sets / Kits:

10932 | Estelite Asteria Essential Kit

  • 7 Syringes  (4.0g each)
    • Shades: A1B, A2B, A3B, A3.5B, A4B, NE, OcE
  • 1 Clinical Guide

10932 | Estelite Asteria PLT Essential Kit

  • 7 x 15 Capsules  (0.2g each)
    • Shades: A1B, A2B, A3B, A3.5B, A4B, NE, OcE
  • 1 Clinical Guide


  • Syringe (4.0g each)

10961 | Syringe A1B
10962 | Syringe A2B
10963 | Syringe A3B
10964 | Syringe A3,5B
10965 | Syringe A4B
10966 | Syringe B3B
10967 | Syringe BL
10968 | Syringe NE
10969 | Syringe WE
10970 | Syringe YE
10971 | Syringe TE
10972 | Syringe OcE

  • 15 capsules (each 0.2 g)

10380 | PLT A1B
10381 | PLT A2B
10382 | PLT A3B
10383 | PLT A3.5B
10384 | PLT A4B
10385 | PLT B3B
10386 | PLT BL
10387 | PLT NE
10388 | PLT WE
10389 | PLT YE
10390 | PLT TE
10391 | PLT OcE


10996 | Custom shade guide for 15 shades

Body Shades:

  • A1B
  • A2B
  • A3B
  • A3.5B
  • A4B
  • B3B
  • BL

The Body shades have excellent blending ability with less width of margin bevel thanks to their state-of-the-art optical properties. The Body shades provide some translucency with sufficient opacity to avoid shining through without the use of opaque or dentin shades. A1B-A4B shades blend with most natural dentition. The supplemental Body shade BL is recommended for high value bleached teeth and B3B is for yellowish teeth.


Enamel Shades:

  • NE (natural enamel) -indicated for the anterior teeth
  • WE (white enamel)  -indicated for the proximal wall; suggested as an alternative to NE in whiter cases
  • YE (yellow enamel)  -indicated for discolored orangish enamel
  • TE (trans enamel)  -indicated for highly translucent anterior teeth
  • OcE (occlusal enamel)  -indicated for the posterior occlusal area

To view or download the MSDS/Material Safety Data Sheet, please follow the link below:

Material Safety Data Sheet (ENG)

Material Safety Data Sheet (FI)

Material Safety Data Sheet (NL)

Material Safety Data Sheet (PL)