Estelite Color

Used to slightly modify a shade, Estelite Color adds character to your masterpiece and perfects the tooth’s overall esthetics. It is available in 13 colors: 4 opaquers and 9 tints to meet all aesthetic needs. The range of colors helps meet special needs, such as: thin incisors, aged or compromised teeth, highly chromatic teeth, teeth pigmented by medication (for instance tetracyclines) and repair of fractured restorations. A complement for more demanding professionals, who are not satisfied with anything less than the best they can obtain.

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  • Shade characterization of composite restorations
  • Shade characterization of composite veneers
  • Customizing hue, value and chroma
  • Adding color effects to contrast zone
  • Masking of discoloration
  • Easily applicable gel colors
  • Especially intense
  • Reusable (once extruded on the dish, if preserved as indicated)
  • Contains 58% inorganic filler by weight

To view or download the instruction for use (IFU), please follow the link below:

Instruction for use Estelite Color (ENG/DE/FR/NL/PL/FI)

Instruction for use Estelite Color (ENG/FR/IT/ES/PT)

Sets / Kits:

10901 | Estelite Color Kit

  • 13 syringe, 0.9g each (1 syringe for each shade)
  • 15 tips
  • 15 caps
  • 5 disposable dish


  • Syringe (0.9g each)

10911 | Clear
10912 | White
10913 | Blue
10914 | Yellow
10915 | Gray
10916 | Ocher
10917 | Dark Brown
10918 | Red
10919 | Lavender
10920 | Pink Opaque
10921 | High Chroma Opaque
10922 | Medium Chroma Opaque
10923 | Low Chroma Opaque



  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Lavender
  • Ochre
  • Dark Brown
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Clear



  • Pink Opaque
  • Low Chroma Opaque  -for shade range A1, B1, C1 and Bleached teeth
  • Medium Chroma Opaque  -for shade range A2, B2, D2, and C2
  • High Chroma Opaque  -for shade range A3, B3, D3, C3 and darker


To view or download the MSDS/Material Safety Data Sheet, please follow the link below:

Material Safety Data Sheet (ENG)

Material Safety Data Sheet (FI)

Material Safety Data Sheet (NL)

Material Safety Data Sheet (PL)