Dental Advisor awards Tokuyama Dental again in 2022


At the beginning of each year, it gets exciting for dental manufacturers, because that is when the annual award for particularly good dental products by the renowned trade journal "Dental Advisor" takes place.

As every year, TOKUYAMA DENTAL was again hoping for awards for its innovative products. While in previous years ESTELITE SIGMA QUICK was awarded the prize for best universal composite 12 years in a row, this time it was the successor composite OMNICHROMA which, including the flowable version OMNICHROMA FLOW, was awarded the prize for best composite with simplified shade matching. It really doesn't get any easier than covering all 16 classic Vita shades with just 1 shade.

The jury was particularly amazed by the colour change from white-opaque to individual tooth shade and in the same breath praised the pleasant application thanks to the creamy soft but not sticky consistency of the material.

But TOKUYAMA DENTAL was not only able to convince the jury with its composite materials. The extra-soft relining material SOFRELINER TOUGH S also received the top rating with honours. The benefit for the patient was particularly emphasised in this context, because the denture resin leads to a very comfortable fit of the denture thanks to its permanently soft consistency, so that healing phases after operations can also be pain-free. In addition, the dentist does not have to send the prosthesis to the laboratory, but can work chairside, so that the patient does not have to wait unnecessarily.

But that's not all the awards. The self-etching all-in-one adhesive BOND FORCE II and the desensitiser SHIELD FORCE PLUS also achieved good ratings as "Preferred Products" and impressed the jury with their unique product features.

The numerous awards once again confirm the innovative ideas and high-quality products of the technology pioneer TOKUYAMA DENTAL.