Estelite Sigma Quick and Estelite Posterior – EVALUATION

Poliklinik für zahnerhaltung und parodontologie
Prof. Dr. Reinhard HICKEL
PD Dr. Nicoleta ILIE
Munich, July 2010

” According to our contract agreement, the flexural strength and flexural modulus of three resin-based composites (RBCs) – Estelite Posterior Quick, Venus Diamond and Tetric Ceram HB was determined. Further, the variation of the micro-mechanical properties with depth for a polymerisation time of 10s and 20s was measured for the RBCs Estelite Sigma Quick, Tetric Evo Ceram, Venus Diamond and Filtek Supreme XTE.
Additionally to this contractual agreement, due to scientific interest, we extend the study and measured the flexural strength and modulus of elasticity also for Estelite Sigma Quick, Tetric Evo Ceram and Filtek Supreme XTE. For all materials we extend the number of samples from 15 to 20. Further we also measured the variation of the micro-mechanical properties for the RBCs Estelite Posterior Quick and Tetric Ceram HB. We also add for all materials an irradiation time of 40s. ”

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