Let yourself be enchanted!


What is the greatest praise or recognition for the treating dentist? Surely the smile of a satisfied patient! Thus, every dentist strives to put a smile on his patient's face. But what if the smile would start much earlier and if the smile would also start with the dentist? The MAGIC COLOUR KIT from TOKUYAMA DENTAL tries to do just that.

The unique materials of this kit not only ultimately enchant the patient, but also the practitioner. Use the colours and the colour effects to become a magician yourself. Discover the power of colours contained in the MAGIC COLOUR KIT from TOKUYAMA DENTAL: Conjure up a smile on your patients' faces in the simplest way possible.

Magical innovations from the technology pioneer

2018 marks an innovative leap in the development of composites. TOKUYAMA DENTAL has developed OMNICHROMA, the world's first one-shade composite that creates structural colour through light thanks to its patented spherical fillers (Smart Chromatic Technology), allowing infinite shade matching from A1 to D4. A single colour that magically adapts to each individual tooth colour.

This development was taken to the next level in 2021 with the addition of the flowable OMNICHROMA FLOW. Thus, two different viscosities of this special material are available to the practitioner, depending on preference or even application. Of course, both OMNICHROMA and OMNICHROMA FLOW can be used for all cavity classes. In addition, both composites convince with a BisGMA-free formulation.

The included composite range is rounded off by the OMNICHROMA BLOCKER FLOW. Should the magical shade matching be compromised by special circumstances (e.g. amalgam discolouration or dark oral cavity), the blocker creates reliable masking so that the power of the colours can continue to unfold without interference

Adhesive with magical colour effect

But TOKUYAMA DENTAL proves with the new UNIVERSAL BOND II that even adhesives can take a little colour. A clever colour indicator gives you full visual control over your respective working steps. Simply mix - apply - air blow- finished! A standardised application procedure for all restorative surfaces (enamel, dentine, (N)PM, CAD-CAM, composite, zirconia, glass/oxide ceramics) provides safety in the simplest way possible, as the individual steps are each indicated by the colour of the material.

Put all the materials together and you have magic like from "One thousand and One nights". The magic of 1001 colours....


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