Masterclass “Awesome Esthetics“ on 9/10 October 2020

International two-day master course in English language with the top lecturers Dr. Newton Fahl and Dr. Thomas Taha, carried out by our sales partner Hofmeester (Netherlands)

Dr. Newton Fahl, Jr., DDS, MS
Topic: “Achieve the Ultimate with Anterior Tooth Composites – From Why to How”.

Dr. Thomas Taha
Topic: “The Art of the Posterior Tooth”

October 9-10, 2020

Hotel and Congress Centre De Reehorst
Bennekomseweg 24
6717 LM EDE

Lecture € 699,-
Workshop € 649,-

You can register via or by calling +31 10 286 3000.
After registration it is possible to book a preferred overnight stay at Hotel De ReeHorst via code.



Dr. Newton Fahl, Jr., DDS, MS
Topic: “Achieve the Ultimate with Anterior Tooth Composites – From Why to How”.

Over the past twenty years, composites have evolved from a temporary, monochromatic restorative material to a primary option when durable, conservative and esthetic results are desired. Improved physical and optical properties, combined with progress in adhesives, allow clinicians to confidently select the appropriate composite and perform a direct restoration from the simplest to the most complex scenarios. In addition, today’s composite systems have the properties needed to mimic natural dentition in a way that is indistinguishable from reality. In this lecture, Dr. Fahl will explain in a scientifically approach and clinically oriented manner how composites can be used to achieve highly aesthetic and biologically meaningful results in the anterior region. The learning objectives include treatment planning, material and shade selection, step-by-step foil and video instructions for Class IV restorations, direct veneers, diastema closures and other unorthodox clinical challenges.


Dr. Thomas Taha

Topic: “The Art of the Posterior Tooth”

Thomas Taha will focus on the posterior region in restorative dentistry. This seminar will focus on photography, magnification and isolation, followed by increased attention to the treatment plan. For every aesthetic dentist, photography is just as important as choosing the right drill. Photography is essential for self-assessment, self-improvement and communication with the patient. For the treatment itself, we consider magnification and isolation. Not only the magnifying loupe, but also the microscope is a very useful tool to see and imitate the correct anatomy in the posterior region. Despite its long existence, the rubber dam is rarely used in restorative dentistry. And yet it is a logical tool for controlling saliva, light reflection, lip traction and gum protection. The essential basis for simplifying posterior restoration is knowledge of the morphology and recognition of the different properties of each matrix system. By mastering these two principles, supplemented by well thought-out guidelines, every newly created restoration becomes a natural beauty. Simple aids are distributed to help you get started. For the real “isolation masters” advanced techniques will be shown.