The OMNICHROMA family is completed


After OMNICHROMA and OMNICHROMA FLOW, TOKUYAMA DENTAL delivers the last missing component with the new OMNICHROMA FLOW BULK. Once again it shows how “smart” the Smart Chromatic Technology and the patented spherical fillers really are: Thanks to the controlled shape and size of the unique fillers, OMNICHROMA creates colour through light.

Without artificial colour pigments, structural colour provides a infinite shade match from A1-D4. And with the new OMNICHROMA FLOW BULK, ultra-strong in-depth curing is added, optimal mechanical resilience for large cavities without an additional capping layer.

Smart is also the fact that the shade matching does not only take place once when the filling is placed, but every day anew. No matter whether the teeth are bleached or darken, OMNICHROMA changes with them. This is intelligent chameleon effect in perfection.