OMNICHROMA by Tokuyama Dental

OMNICHROMA by Tokuyama Dental is a light-curing, radiopaque composite for restorations in the anterior and posterior region and is indicated for all cavity classes.

Unique worldwide: Only a single composite for the entire range of tooth shades

With OMNICHROMA, TOKUYAMA DENTAL has achieved a decisive innovation leap in composites. For the first time, the long sought-after chameleon effect has been achieved successfully culminating in natural perfection. The reason is as simple as it is spectacular: both OMNICHROMA and the chameleon are coloured by light.

In conventional composites, a limited number of tooth shades, for example, from A1 to D4 according to the VITA shade system, are reproduced using colour pigments. Due to the “Smart Chromatic Technology”, OMNICHROMA completely dispenses with colour pigments and instead uses the natural principle of structural colour – colour that becomes visible when light strikes special structures, the same as with chameleons.

Additional option: OMNICHROMA BLOCKER

OMNICHROMA BLOCKER is designed for use as a thin layer at the lingual cavity wall of extensive class III and IV restorations. OMNICHROMA BLOCKER can mask slight discoloration or reconstruct a highly opaque tooth.

Try OMNICHROMA now and convince yourself!

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  • Direkte Restaurationen im Front- und Seitenzahnbereich
  • Direkt gebondete Komposit-Veneers
  • Diastemakorrektur
  • Reparatur von Keramik-/Kompositverblendungen


  • Keine Farbabstimmung mehr nötig
  • Sehr hohe Glanzbeständigkeit
  • Sehr gute Abrasionsbeständigkeit
  • Geringe lineare Schrumpfung
  • Optimale Verarbeitung

To view or download the instruction for use (IFU), please follow the link below:

Instructions for use: Omnichroma

Instructions for use: Omnichroma Blocker


  • Syringe (à 4 g)

10112 | Omnichroma Syringe

10113 | Omnichroma Blocker Syringe

  • Capsules (20 x à 0.2g)

10122 | Omichroma PLT

10123 | Omnichroma Blocker PLT

  • Omnichroma
  • Omnichroma Blocker