Contact curing, two component universal adhesive - applicable with all etching techniques - compatible with all composite materials
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Outstanding bond strength for all applications and materials!

TOKUYAMA UNIVERSAL BOND is a two-component self-cured dental adhesive system for both direct and indirect restorations that can be used with Self-etch, Selective-enamel-etch and Total-etch techniques.

As a universal adhesive, TOKUYAMA UNIVERSAL BOND has been designed to be fully compatible with light-cured, self-cured and dual-cured composite materials. TOKUYAMA UNIVERSAL BOND improves the bond strength of polymerizable resin material (adhesive resin cement, acrylic resin and composite resin) to indirect restorative materials such as glass-ceramics (porcelain), oxide-ceramics (zirconia and alumina), metals (precious and non-precious) and resin materials including inorganic filler.


✔ Direct anterior and posterior restorations
✔ Intraoral repair
✔ Cementation of indirect restorations and veneers
✔ Bonding of core build-ups
✔ Bonding of denture resin
✔ Repair of denture
✔ Bonding of opaque resin to a metal base

Properties and benefits

✔ All etching protocols
✔ All prosthetic materials
✔ Fully compatible with all composite materials (no activator needed)
✔ No application time
✔ No light-curing
✔ Stable against dehydration condensation for reliable adhesion - also on (glass-) ceramics
✔ Can be used as primer for repairs


✔ Kit: Universal Bond A (1 x 5ml bottle) / Universal Bond B (1 x 5ml bottle) / 1 x mixing dish / 5 x disposable mixing dish / 25 x microbrushes
✔ Refill: Universal Bond A (1 x 5ml bottle)
✔ Refill: Universal Bond B (1 x 5ml bottle)
✔ Refill: Universal Bond A (1 x 5.0ml bottle) and Universal Bond B (1 x 5.0ml bottle)

UNIVERSAL BOND - Tokuyama Dental

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