Contact curing, two component universal adhesive - applicable with all etching techniques - compatible with all composite materials
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NEW: UNIVERSAL BOND II – the bedrock of dental restorations

TOKUYAMA UNIVERSAL BOND II is a two-component self-cured dental adhesive system for both direct and indirect restorations that can be used with Self-etch, Selective-enamel-etch and Total-etch techniques.

As a universal adhesive, TOKUYAMA UNIVERSAL BOND II has been designed to be fully compatible with light-cured, self-cured and dual-cured composite materials. TOKUYAMA UNIVERSAL BOND II improves the bond strength of polymerizable resin material (adhesive resin cement, acrylic resin and composite resin) to indirect restorative materials such as glass-ceramics (porcelain), oxide-ceramics (zirconia and alumina), metals (precious and non-precious) and resin materials including inorganic filler.

Sticks the lot: For all applications and materials!

A 3D SR phosphoric acid monomer enhanced with 10-MDP for bonding to enamel and dentine, but also zirconia and non-precious metals. A new silane coupling agent for reliable bonding of glass-ceramics. And the thiouracil monomer for precious metals.

These adhesive specialists form the backbone of the new UNIVERSAL BOND II for the cementation of direct or indirect restorations. Sticks the lot, no matter what you want to fix.


✔ Direct anterior and posterior restorations
✔ Intraoral repair
✔ Cementation of indirect restorations and veneers
✔ Bonding of core build-ups
✔ Bonding of denture resin
✔ Repair of denture
✔ Bonding of opaque resin to a metal base

Only 3 steps: No matter which surface!

Conceivably simple and standardised for any surface treatment. Just mix - apply - air blow- finished! By always using the same steps without considering the different substrates, possible application errors can be reduced to a minimum. The fact that no reaction time is required and that there is no light curing also ensures that the material can be applied more than quickly.



The ideal supplement for all types of adhesive luting.
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Properties and benefits

✔ NEW: No refrigerator storage
✔ NEW: Full visual control thanks to unique colour change
✔ All etching protocols
✔ All prosthetic materials
✔ Fully compatible with all composite materials (no activator needed)
✔ No waiting time
✔ No light-curing
✔ Stable against dehydration condensation for reliable adhesion - also on (glass-) ceramics
✔ Can be used as primer for repairs

Full visual control thanks to colour change

A unique colour system ensures full visual control of the individual working steps and also helps to minimise application errors in this way. The two separate bonding components A and B are coloured yellow and blue respectively, resulting in a green shade during mixing. Thanks to the green colour, it is possible to check exactly where the bonding has already been applied or whether a little more needs to be applied. Especially at the margins, reliable marginal bonding can be achieved in this way. The green colour then fades during the air blowing process and thus signals to the user that the surface has been appropriately conditioned.


Universal bedrock for all restorations

Three unique adhesive monomers form the bedrock for your dental restorations - no matter what you want to fix. These adhesive specialists give you a universal application spectrum without limitations. Additional primers or activators are not required. Use UNIVERSAL BOND II for any type of direct restoration, regardless of whether it is a paste composite, a flow composite or even a bulkfill composite. Use UNIVERSAL BOND II for your core build-ups. Use UNIVERSAL BOND II in combination with ESTECEM II PLUS for indirect luting of all kinds. Your glass-ceramic veneers can be fixed just as securely as zirconium bridges or simple PFM crowns. You can also use UNIVERSAL BOND II as a primer for the pre-treatment of various substrate surfaces, e.g. for repairs. UNIVERSAL BOND II - a universal bedrock!


Unique adhesion mechanism without light curing

The BoSE technology (Borate Self Etch) is a refined and innovative polymerisation process. This is the key to the universal application range and the lack of light curing. Thanks to its high catalytic potential even under acidic conditions, BoSE technology is superior to conventional BPO/amine initiator systems. The thin polymerisation layer that forms after air blowing allows all resin materials (self-curing, light-curing or dual-curing) a so-called contact cure at the adhesive interface. The otherwise usual light curing is therefore obsolete and thus saves the user time.


Crucial advantage of our 2-bottle system

Studies by renowned universities (e.g. Effectiveness and stability of silane coupling agent incorporated in "universal" adhesives, van Meerbeek et al., Dental Materials 2016) clearly show that the silane coupling agents contained in one-bottle systems suffer a noticeable deterioration due to the onset of hydrolysis in the acidic environment. Thus, the stability and effect of this component is dependent on the age of the bonding material. In order to continue to achieve a reliable adhesion, especially on ceramic surfaces, it is recommended to add fresh silane. UNIVERSAL BOND II avoids this problem and separates the silane coupling agent from the acidic components by means of a two-bottle system. This ensures that fresh silane is always available for reliable adhesion.



The ideal supplement for all types of adhesive luting.
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✔ Kit: Universal Bond A (1 x 5ml bottle) / Universal Bond B (1 x 4ml bottle) / 1 x mixing dish / 5 x disposable mixing dish / 25 x microbrushes
✔ Refill: Universal Bond A (1 x 5ml bottle)
✔ Refill: Universal Bond B (1 x 4ml bottle)
✔ Refill: Universal Bond A (1 x 5ml bottle) and Universal Bond B (1 x 4ml bottle)

UNIVERSAL BOND II - Tokuyama Dental

Demonstration Procedure for TOKUYAMA UNIVERSAL BOND II

Direct restoration with UNIVERSAL BOND II

TOKUYAMA UNIVERSAL BOND II in comparison - direct restoration procedure.

Indirect restoration with UNIVERSAL BOND II

TOKUYAMA UNIVERSAL BOND II and ESTECEM II PLUS in comparison - indirect restoration procedure.

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