The Future of Composites: Infinetely from A1 to D4 in a Single Syringe
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The Future of Composites – One shade fits all!

OMNICHROMA by Tokuyama Dental is a light-curing, radiopaque composite that offers the ultimate in colour matching. It can cover all classic VITA shades with only one colour. For the first time, colours are not created by the addition of pigments, but rather by deliberately induced structural colours combining with the reflected colour of the surrounding tooth. The OMNICHROMA phenomenon uses the Smart Chromatic Technology along with the spherical fillers from TOKUYAMA, which are manufactured according to the “cultured pearl principle”. The effect: A single composite for all colours. Uniquely natural and aesthetic. Uniquely smooth and shiny. Uniquely simple and time saving.


✔ Anterior and posterior areas
✔ Composite veneers
✔ Diastema closure
✔ Composite/ceramic repairs

Available colours

✔ Universal (A1-D4)

Properties and benefits

✔ Perfect colour matching
✔ Simplified Inventory Management
✔ Excellent adaptativity
✔ Non-sticky
✔ Good polishability
✔ Remarkable glossiness
✔ Free from BisGMA and bisphenol A-related monomers

SEM images of the fillers

omnichroma-rem-1OMNICHROMA (Tokuyama Dental)

venus-diamond-remVenus Diamond (Kulzer)

Clinical case OMNICHROMA - by Dr Thomas Taha



✔ Refill: 1 single syringe (4g)
✔ Refill: 20 capsules (0.2g each)

Bulk Fill

These dentists recommend OMNICHROMA

"OMNICHROMA is GROUNDBREAKING - a win-win for all offices. No need to stock 30 composite shades that expire and take up space. So economical and it works great!"

Dr Peter Auster

"OMNICHROMA is an essential composite for any restorative dentist as its colour matching after curing in circumferential enamel cavities is truly unique."

Dr Thomas Taha

"A dentist‘s dream coming true: always the right colour with OMNICHROMA."

Dr Erik-Jan Muts

"At first I was a bit skeptical that OMNICHROMA could replace all the different colours of composite we use in daily practice. But I found out that it actually works in 9 out of 10 times."

Dr Maarten de Beer

The Future of Composites: OMNICHROMA

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With OMNICHROMA, TOKUYAMA DENTAL has achieved a decisive innovation leap in composites. For the first time, the long sought-after chameleon effect has been achieved successfully culminating in natural perfection. The reason is as simple as it is spectacular: both OMNICHROMA and the chameleon are coloured by light. In conventional composites, a limited number of tooth shades, for example, from A1 to D4 according to the VITA shade system, are reproduced using colour pigments. Due to the “Smart Chromatic Technology”, OMNICHROMA completely dispenses with colour pigments and instead uses the natural principle of structural colour – colour that becomes visible when light strikes special structures, the same as with chameleons.

Example of use - OMNICHROMA

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In this demo video we show you a concrete example of use based on an extensive class I filling. In addition to OMNICHROMA, ESTELITE COLOR, our composite for individual colour characterisation, is also used.

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