Ideal supplement for OMNICHROMA FLOW to avoid interfering colour influences from the oral cavity in extensive Class III and Class IV restorations or to mask discolourations
Article code: 10234

OMNICHROMA BLOCKER – Available now as a Flowable!

OMNICHROMA BLOCKER FLOW by TOKUYAMA DENTAL is a low viscosity, light-curing, radiopaque composite. It is used precisely when OMNICHROMA FLOW is not to adapt the colour of a strongly discoloured cavity or when a higher opacity is required to mask the oral cavity in the case of larger Class III or IV defects.

The general recommendation for the use of OMNICHROMA BLOCKER FLOW is an incremental thickness of 0.5 mm. In the case of very opaque anterior teeth or strong discolourations, however, a larger layer thickness may also be necessary.


✔ Masking of slight discolourations
✔ Avoiding interfering colour influences from the oral cavity
✔ Reconstructing highly opaque tooth

Available colours

✔ Opaque

Properties and benefits

✔ Ideal supplement for OMNICHROMA FLOW
✔ Good polishability
✔ Strong masking effect
✔ Excellent cavity adaptation
✔ Non-sticky
✔ Ideal dosing


✔ Refill: 1 single syringe (3g)

Awarded products - multiple certified service

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