Flowable composite for individual shade characterisation
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For individual and unique results!

ESTELITE COLOR is a low viscosity, flowable composite for individual colour characterization of direct and indirect plastic fillings. ESTELITE COLOR is applied under or between the layers of the composite restorative material to achieve individual and unique results.


✔ Custom shade characterisation of direct and indirect resin restorations
✔ Masking of discoloured teeth

Available colours

✔ Shades: Blue / Gray / Lavender / Ochre / Dark Brown / White / Yellow / Red / Clear
✔ Opaquers: Pink Opaque Low Chroma Opaque (for shade range A1, B1, C1 and Bleached teeth) / Medium Chroma Opaque (for shade range A2, B2, D2, and C2) / High Chroma Opaque (for shade range A3, B3, D3, C3 and darker)

Properties and benefits

✔ 9 different shades
✔ 4 different opaquers
✔ Low viscosity
✔ Ideal supplement for ESTELITE ASTERIA

Clinical case ESTELITE COLOR - by Dr Newton Fahl



✔ Kit: 13 syringes, 0.9g each (1 syringe for each shade), 15 tips, 15 caps, 5 disposable dish
✔ Refill: 1 single syringe (0.9g each)

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