Highly aesthetic, light-curing anterior and posterior composite
ESTELITE ASTERIA single syringe
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The easiest way to perfect aesthetics!

ESTELITE ASTERIA is a light-cured radiopaque composite for anterior and posterior use. It considerably simplifies multilayer techniques, yet delivers outstanding aesthetics.

Unlike multilayer techniques used with conventional composites, ESTELITE ASTERIA uses only 2 layers for optimal results.


✔ Anterior and posterior areas
✔ Composite veneers
✔ Diastema closure
✔ Composite/ceramic repair

Available colours

✔ Body Shades: A1B / A2B / A3B / A3.5B / A4B / B3B / BL
✔ Enamel Shades: NE (natural enamel) /  WE (white enamel) / YE (yellow enamel) / TE (trans enamel) / OcE (occlusal enamel)

Properties and benefits

✔ Rapid curing in 10 seconds
✔ Extended working time of 90 seconds
✔ Very high lustre durability
✔ Abrasion resistance
✔ Low linear shrinkage
✔ Optimal handling

Simple layering technique with ESTELITE ASTERIA

While coventional composites often require elaborate layering techniques to achieve adequate results, ESTELITE ASTERIA has optical properties that allow anyone to easily achieve highly aesthetic results with only 2 layers.

Simple layering technique with ESTELITE ASTERIA

SEM images of the fillers

estelite-asteria-remESTELITE ASTERIA (Tokuyama Dental)

filtek-supreme-xte-remFiltek Supreme XTE (3M Espe)


✔ Syringe Essential Kit: 7 syringes (4g each) in 7 shades: A1B, A2B, A3B, A3.5B, A4B, NE, OcE
✔ Capsules Essential Kit: 105 capsules (0.2g each) in 7 shades: 15 x A1B, A2B, A3B, A3.5B, A4B, NE, OcE
✔ Refill: 1 single syringe (4g)
✔ Refill: 15 capsules (0.2g each)

These dentists recommend ESTELITE ASTERIA

"ESTELITE ASTERIA is my go-to composite for all my direct restorative cases. The micro structure of the material produces a light diffusion that helps it blend in with the natural tooth structure. I would highly recommend this material to all my colleagues."

Dr Paul Gerloczy

"I recommend the use of ESTELITE ASTERIA to achieve high aesthetics in the everyday practice."

Prof. Simone Grandini

"The optical properties of ESTELITE ASTERIA are great, so it matches natural teeth shade very well."

Dr Hirofumi Tashiro

ESTELITE ASTERIA - Product video

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ESTELITE ASTERIA – the easiest way to perfect aesthetics!

ESTELITE ASTERIA - Clinical guide

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Clinical guide to the highly aesthetic ESTELITE ASTERIA layering composite – explained by Dr Noboru Takahashi, one of the supervisors of the ESTELITE ASTERIA project.

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