Light-curing posterior composite with excellent physical properties
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Outstanding physical properties – Strong under pressure!

ESTELITE POSTERIOR QUICK is a light-cured radiopaque composite that ensures reliable restorations with strong and impressive physical properties. An optimal combination of special fillers gives ESTELITE POSTERIOR QUICK properties specifically designed to resist the demands of the posterior region, creating restorations that are reliable and long-lasting.


✔ Direct posterior restorations including the occlusal surface
✔ Repair of porcelain and composite

Available colours

✔ PA1 / PA2 / PA3 / PCE

Properties and benefits

✔ Short curing time (10 sec. with normal halogen light min>= 400mW/cm2)
✔ Optimal working time (50 sec. under dental light 10.000 lux)
✔ Excellent physical properties
✔ High resistance to abrasion
✔ Excellent radiopacity
✔ Packable


With an excellent radiopacity of 290% Al mm, ESTELITE POSTERIOR QUICK is easy to see on X-ray images.



✔ Refill: 1 single syringe (4.2g each)

These dentists recommend this product

"ESTELITE POSTERIOR QUICK represents the best choice when, in cavity classes I, II and IV, the fillings to be placed are exposed to high stress. Due to its very high radiopacity, with an ‘aluminium equivalent of '290 per cent’, ESTELITE POSTERIOR QUICK is particularly advantageous if the marginal seal or development of secondary caries in the marginal area of the filling has to be verified with an X-ray."

Dr Markus Th. Firla

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