Normal setting, extra soft vinylpolysiloxane putty for precision impressions for the fabrication of crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays
Article code: 44100

ESTESIL H2TOP Putty Soft is an addition reaction paste for manual mixing for impression taking in polyvinylsiloxane with highly wettable surfactant hydrophilic fillers.

It has a high viscosity with mechanical properties ideal for impression taking in the dual phase two viscosity technique (putty-wash technique). As a base in the dual phase two viscosity technique, of impressions for: crown, bridges, inlays, onlays and veneers. ESTESIL H2TOP Putty Soft can be used with most trays on the market with adequate retention perforations or retentions features.


As a base in the dual phase two viscosity technique, of impressions for:

✔ crown
✔ bridges
✔ inlays
✔ onlays
✔ veneers

Available colours

✔ white/yellow

Properties and benefits

✔ 2 minutes maximum workingtime
✔ 3.30 minutes total setting time
✔ dimensional stability
✔ elastic recovery
✔ perfect tear strenght
✔ maximum contraction in the first minutes after removal of the impression
✔ maximum elasic recovery after 6 minutes


ESTESIL H2TOP has excellent flow properties, ensuring precise detail reproduction, even beyond the preparation margin. This accuracy is the basis for a precise restoration, because no restoration can be better than the impression that created it.⁠ The shark fin test was used to measure the flowability and viscosity of ESTESIL H2TOP. A higher fin is equivalent to excellent flowability.⁠



Refill: Putty soft (2 x 300ml + 2 measuring scoops)

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