ESTESIL H2TOP High Flow 1:1

Low-viscosity, addition-curing vinyl polysiloxane with surfactants and excellent hydrophilic properties
ESTESIL H2TOP High Flow 1:1
Article code: 44325

ESTESIL H2TOP High Flow 1:1 is an addition reaction impression material in polyvinylsiloxane with highly wettable surfactant hydrophilic fillers.

It is indicated for precision impressions for supragingival or iuxta gingival preparations. Available in cartridge version to be used with mixing guns in a 1:1 ratio.


Precision impression for supragingival or niuxta gingival preparations for:

✔ crown
✔ bridges
✔ inlays
✔ onlays
✔ veneers

Available colours

✔ blue

Properties and benefits

✔ 2.15 minutes maximum workingtime
✔ 4.00 minutes total setting time
✔ dimensional stability
✔ elastic recovery
✔ perfect tear strenght
✔ maximum contraction in the first minutes after removal of the impression
✔ maximum elasic recovery after 6 minutes


✔ Refill: 1:1 cartridge High Flow (2 x 50ml + 6 mixing tips + 6 intraoral tips)

Awarded products - multiple certified service

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