Extra soft relining material on A-silicone basis for temporary denture relining, especially after surgical procedures
Article code: 23401

Extra soft relining material with excellent precision fit!

SOFRELINER TOUGH S is a 100 % A-silicone with a Shore hardness of 24, which can be used for temporary denture relining. Sofreliner Tough S is particularly suitable for applications after surgical procedures, such as implant restorations.


✔ Temporary, extra soft relining material
✔ Care after surgical intervention
✔ After implantation healing phase
✔ Pain caused by sharp ridges of alveolar bone and atrophy of mucosa
✔ Poor retention caused by extreme ridge atrophy

Properties and benefits

✔ 100% addition-cured silicone
✔ Shore hardness 24
✔ ½ years shelf life
✔ Surface and shade stability
✔ Excellent precision fit


✔ Kit: Cartridge (2 x 26g) / Primer (10ml) / 10 x mixing tips XS / Polishing system
✔ Refill: Cartridge (2 x 26g)

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