Sofreliner Tough M

Silicone soft lining material, with just 43% hardness shore. New conception resin with a silicone base, for indirect and direct rebasing. It is indicated for problems related to thin mucous areas, sharp bone crests and severe undercuts. Maximum resistance to peeling and abrasion and extreme softness and elasticity characterize this product and allow to improve the stability of prosthesis margins. The perfect combination between softness and elasticity.

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  • New concept of soft silicone resin for direct and indirect relines
  • Indicated to solve problems related to thin mucosa, sharp ridges and major undercuts
  • Direct chairside and/or indirect application
  • New mixing system in a cartridge
  • Super adhesion to acrylic resin thanks to the “Tough” primer
  • Hardness Shore: 43%
  • Max. application time 4.30 min
  • Maximum resistance to splitting and abrasion
  • Its high elasticity and softness properties give a notable increase in stability at the margins of the denture
  • Duration 12/24 months

Sets / Kits:

23351 | Sofreliner Tough M Kit

  • 1 paste 27g + 27g (base+catalyst)
  • 1 primer, 10ml
  • 10 mixing tips XS
  • Accessories for finishing and polishing


23356 | Sofreliner Tough M Paste: 1 paste 27g + 27g (base+catalyst)
23441 | Sofreliner Tough Primer: 1 primer, 10ml


23361 | Smoothing Point: 3 adjustment points
23362 | Finishing Point: 6 finishing points
23363 | Diaround Point: 1 diaround point
23380 | TD II Mixing Tip XS: 50 tips
23381 | TD II Mixing Tip S: 50 tips
23372 | Tokuyama Dispenser II: 1 dispenser (not included in the kit)


To view or download the MSDS/Material Safety Data Sheet, please follow the link below:

Material Safety Data Sheet Sofreliner Tough M Paste (ENG/DE/FI/NL/PL) ZIP-FILE

Material Safety Data Sheet Sofreliner Tough Primer (ENG/DE/FI/NL/PL) ZIP-FILE

(Download only availabe as a ZIP File – for single files please contact us directly)