Universal Primer

The extraordinary adhesive strength of the UNIVERSAL PRIMER is based on a sophisticated combination of several special primers that react depending on the restoration material. Thanks to this universal field of application, even the otherwise common use of hydrofluoric acid etching with glass ceramics can be avoided. Intermediate steps, such as silanization or the use of oxide blockers are also not necessary.

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  • Pretreatment of glass/oxide ceramics (porcelain, zirconia and alumina)
  • metals/alloys (precious and non-precious)
  • and resin materials including inorganic filler (composite materials) in preparation for bonding with polymerizable resin materials, such as:
    • Bonding of inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, veneers,  cores, artificial teeth, orthodontic brackets etc.
    • Repair of ceramic, metal and composite materials  (including porcelain fused metals).
    • Bonding of denture resin to metal base, clasp or  attachment.
    • Repair of denture with metal base, clasp or attachment.
    • Bonding of opaque resin to a metal base in the fabrication of resin-faced stainless steel crowns.
  • Easy of use
  • Reliable bond strength to a wide  variety of prosthetic materials
  • Low technique sensitivity
  • Economical due to its versatility

To view or download the instruction for use (IFU), please follow the link below:

Instruction for use Universal Primer (ENG/DE/FR/NL/PL/FI)

Instruction for use Universal Primer (ENG/FR/IT/ES/PT)

Sets / Kits:

16551 | Universal Primer Kit:

  • Universal Primer A + Universal Primer B (each 2.0ml)


16562 | Universal Primer A (2.0ml)
16563 | Universal Primer B (2.0ml)

To view or download the MSDS/Material Safety Data Sheet, please follow the link below:

Material Safety Data Sheet (ENG/FI/NL/PL) ZIP-FILE

(Download only availabe as a ZIP File – for single files please contact us directly)