Awarded again in 2024: the OMNICHROMA family


With its annual "Top Awards", the magazine DENTAL ADVISOR is regarded as a benchmark for independent evaluations of dental products. The fact that the OMNICHROMA composites from TOKUYAMA DENTAL have once again received these prestigious awards in 2024 confirms the unique product quality of the Japanese technology pioneer.

In 2019, dentistry experienced a real revolution in the field of composites: With OMNICHROMA, TOKUYAMA DENTAL introduced a ground-breaking filling material that can cover all VITA shades from A1 to D4 in just a single syringe.

The possibilities of application were consistently expanded in the following years with the development of the flowable variants OMNICHROMA FLOW and OMNICHROMA FLOW BULK. Thanks to their innovative properties and benefits, all OMNICHROMA viscosities enjoy great popularity worldwide.

For the 5th time in a row (2020-2024), OMNICHROMA composites were able to completely convince the independent reviewers of DENTAL ADVISOR in the categories "Composite: Single Shade Packable" and "Composite: Single Shade Flowable". Particular praise was again given to the excellent colour matching, the simple application and the aesthetic result.


"OMNICHROMA successfully matches any shade on the VITA shade guide, making the time consuming process of selecting a shade disappear. Evaluators reported that the handling was non-sticky, the material stayed where placed, packed and stacked well, and polished to a natural lustre."


"OMNICHROMA FLOW can be used in all classes and provides just one shade to match all VITA shades. Evaluators reported that the material flowed and stacked well when needed without being runny."

TOKUYAMA DENTAL impressed the DENTAL ADVISOR jury not only with its composite materials, but also in other product categories. As in previous years, the self-etching single-component adhesive BOND FORCE II and the desensitiser SHIELD FORCE PLUS once again received the "Preferred Products" award. The exceptional properties and application benefits of these products were also emphasised.